MSHA Training

MSHA Training – 24 Hour Part 46 New Miner Training

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires that all new miners at surface mines must have training that meets title 30 CFR Part 46.5 Subparts B and C training requirements. Part 46 training for new miners is integral part of learning mine safety. This course is provides surface metal/nonmetal new miners with a broad knowledge of mine safety and health topics such as introduction to the work environment, hazard recognition, first aid methods, and health and safety aspects of the tasks to which the new miners will be assigned.

MSHA Training – 40 Hour Part 48 New Miner Training

MSHA Training Part 48 is designed to meet training requirements under title 30 CFR Part 48 Subpart B '48. Training under Part 48 is designated for any person working in a surface mine or surface areas of an underground mine and who is engaged in the extraction and production process, or regularly exposed to mine hazards, or is a maintenance or service worker employed by the operator, or a maintenance or service worker contracted by the operator to work at the mine for frequent or extended periods. Training includes information specific to the individual site, introduction to the statutory rights of miners, self rescue/respiratory devices, transportation controls and communication systems, escape and emergency evacuation plans; fire-warning and firefighting, ground control, explosives, first aid and health.

MSHA Training – 8 Hour Part 46 Annual Refresher Training

Each topic in our Annual Refresher Training course is designed in compliance with MSHA requirements for the retraining of miners based on the Title 30 CFR – Part 46 regulations for surface miners and surface mining contractors. The set of topics can be used to help meet requirements for annual  refresher training for all surface miners.  

MSHA Training – 8 Hour Part 48 Annual Refresher Training

The Annual Refresher Course is an 8-hour course and is in compliance with MSHA requirements that fulfills MSHA’s Part 48 annual training requirement for anyone working at either a surface or underground mine.

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