Fire Safety Training

Advanced Auto Extrication

Advanced auto extrication is vital tool for many first responders. This class is a skill and knowledge based course designed to create a sense of urgency and confidence when dealing with extrications. The course will follow the NFPA Firefighter II 1001-4-07.07 on vehicle extrication. The training will include classroom time, table top exercise and a customizable hands on practical.

Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can hit anywhere, anytime, without warning; are you prepared? The American Red Cross urges companies to prepare for disasters and to train their employees what to do in an emergency. Through hands on practical training you and your employees can be prepared for earthquakes, floods, ice storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Planning for the disaster and knowing what to do can make the difference if your company survives the aftermath.

Emergency Planning

Emergency planning and preparedness training is the first step in creating a comprehensive response plan. OSHA 1910.38 requires the employer to create an emergency plan to protect employees from injury from an actual or potential disaster. These include fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, bomb threat, and hazardous chemical spills.

EMT First Responder

This course meets the training requirements required by local, state, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and DOT standards. It provides the student with the level of awareness, skills, and capacity required to respond in a safe manner to emergencies. This course is designed for individuals who in the course of their normal duties may be the first on the scene of an emergency. This class consists of classroom and hands on training that includes patient stabilization, advance airways, advance bleeding control measures, CPR, AED, and many skills etc.

Exit Routes/ Emergency Action Plans/Emergency Preparedness

Training for emergency situations can reduce a major crisis to a relatively minor event, full of trained and experienced individuals. Students will learn the basics of egress and the definitions. They will also learn detailed elements of egress and the minimum requirements of EAP’s. This course is designed to help individuals to understand the information and preparation techniques that will help them cope in the event of an emergency or disaster. Emergencies may include natural disasters, bomb threats, workplace violence, chemical spills, and fire. What to do before, during, and after an emergency is discussed. Emergency Preparedness is a component of our general safety training and it is not necessary to take as a separate course if your general safety training has been completed. Instruction includes classroom training on OSHA regulations, training exercises, round table discussions of incident command structures and real life scenarios.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher training provides individuals with the information and hands on training to create a knowledge based confidence reinforced with actual experience. Training includes classroom information section that describes the fire tetrahedron and its relationship to fire extinguishment, the types of fire extinguishers and regulations associated with fire protection programs. Hands on training can be customized for the industry, size, or hazards.

Fire Prevention and Safety

OSHA 1910.39 - A fire prevention plan must be in writing, be kept in the workplace, and be made available to employees for review. The employer must also review with each employee those parts of the fire prevention plan necessary for self-protection. This course will describe the labels on flammables, importance of housekeeping and how to extinguish fires. First Aid. As with any training, it is more useful if it occurs before an actual emergency. Proper first aid can make the difference at home, work or in assisting in triage. Students learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of injuries and illnesses that occur suddenly.

KY Fire Instructor Training

Fire service training presents  many challenges, all of which can be met by well-prepared and educated  instructors. Instructors strive  to provide  firefighters and emergency responders with the knowledge and skills that enable them to  perform their jobs in a safe and effective manner.

Table Top Emergency Exercise

Continued education and practice for scenarios can make the difference in seconds versus minutes in response and reaction time. Advanced training such as table top exercises ensure that all parties know what to do, what's expected of them, and how to effectively accomplish the goal with the tools and training provided to them. Response to any situation is only as effective as the training provided to cope with the scenario. Training offered includes Hazard Materials, Emergency Action Plans, School Bus Accidents, Grieving Process Tabletops and Many more. Alternative and extended exercises available. Please contact training coordinator at 1-859-283-5001 for more information and to discuss other options as needed.

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